• Finding time together has never been easier

    Discover possibilities & turn them into plans. Create more time to see the people that matter and schedule time together with just a tap.

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Reimagine What’s Possible

Map out where you’re going and discover possibilities to connect along the way. WithMe is a shared planning platform that helps you discover new possibilities everyday. Who would you like to see more of?

I always seem to be missing out on connecting with people when we are traveling in the same area. It would be really refreshing to have a platform where I can make connections happen.

Benjamin Conard

Owner, Five North Chocolate

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    GeoFencing Meets AI

    With the ability to selectively share where you’ll be and for how long, WithMe can easily idendity ideal times for you and others to grab coffee, dinner, or whatever you choose.

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    Possibilities Often Overlap

    Using a modern calendar, we are able to help you connect with people attending the same events, visiting the same city, or any other overlapping opportunity to connect.


"Where In The World Are You?!"

  • What is WithMe? What is the WithMe?

    We’re building a planner that helps you plan more time with friends. Discover when you and a friend will be nearby, so you can plan proactively. Easily see who’s attending events and simplify decision-making so you can cut straight to the fun.

  • Who is this made for?

    As many of us get increasinly busy, we all find it hard to exercise, read, get in some self-care, cook, and sleep - let alone see people. With WithMe, we can get some help keeping track of all our busy colleagues, family, and friends. It’s even easier to make time for new people when you know the ideal time and place to connect.

The A-Team

We have 35+ combined years of design, data privacy, engineering, and strategy knowledge focused to easing the hassles of busy schedules & underpowered calendars.

Past Experience

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