WitWay Smart Planner

Finding time together has never been easier.

Discover possibilities & turn them into plans. Create more time to see the people that matter and schedule time together with just a tap.

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Reimagine What’s Possible

Map out where you’re going and discover possibilities to connect along the way. WitWay is a shared proactive planning platform that helps you discover new possibilities everyday. Who would you like to see more?


No more missed connections. Discover proactively when you’ll overlap with friends.


Turn possibilities into plans with the people you know. Everyday is a new opportunity for connection.


Connect and network with the people that are important to your life and your career.

What is the WitWay Planner?

We’re building a planner that helps you plan more time with friends. Discover when you and a friend will be nearby, so you can plan proactively. Easily see who’s attending events and simplify decision-making so you can cut straight to the fun.

  • Carefully crafted components

  • Amazing 3rd-party integrations

  • Super friendly support team

World-Class Team

We have a collective 35 years of design, data privacy, engineering, and strategy knowledge dedicated to easing the hassles of a busy schedule and underpowered calendars.

Meet the team

When do we launch?

We will be making our debut at Atlanta Blockchain Week, followed by a series of other launch events at conferences across the United States!

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Plan It All In One Place

You'll soon be able to connect all your calendars, contacts, and even social media events. Plus, quickly organize your contacts into groups with tags and set rules for each group.

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